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Advantages of GONEO

Reducing Traditional Energy Depedency, Lower Home Energy Costs
Quick Installation
Flexible Customization
Multi-Scenario Compatibility
Long-term Investment Return
Smart Control

3 Modes

Mode A
Ensure Energy Security

Uninterrupted energy supply 24/7

Mode B
UPS Mode

Charging battery as first priority

Mode B
UPS Mode

Charging battery as first priority

Mode C
Peak Shaving & Valley Filling

Always utilize the cheaper energy from the public grid and save expenses on a daily basis

APP Management

Real-time Tracking

Stay informed about your energy usage data at all times

Intuitive Energy Scheduling

Visualizes data to directly display the timing and manner of energy resource usage within the household

Personalized Customization

Flexible switching between different modes

Efficient Energy Management Made Easy

Simplify the process of managing your energy usage with user-friendly controls and automated suggestions, helping you optimize energy efficiency effortlessly and effectively